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20th Anniversary Limited Edition

Shun Engetsu

The Engetsu knives are a limited edition specifically crafted for Shun's 20th Anniversary. The Engetsu or "Full Moon" range has Damascus layers in a stunning pattern that are a statement on the highly polished blade. Beyond the obviously stunning aesthetic, these knives are state of the art.

The hand crafted dual core construction has 71 micro layers of VG10 and VG2 stainless steel. The design and durability of the heel and tip are different to the mid section of the blade, giving the user different zones of performance where required. Each are presented in a stunning wooden gift box for collecting or storage.

Cutting Edge

Double beveled 16° cutting angle each side


Dual-core construction with 71 alternating micro layers of high-carbon, high-chromium VG10 and VG2 stainless steel that extends all the way to the edge.


Blue/black coloured PakkaWood® with a forged Shun logo stainless steel endcap


Handcrafted in Japan