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Shun Combination Honing Steel 23cm


As you use your knife, the razor-sharp edge naturally bends over just a fraction as the edge contacts the cutting board. Eventually, this means the sharp edge is no longer making direct contact with the food and subsequently the knife feels dull.

The Shun Combination Honing Steel is the solution. It gently realigns the edge of your blade, bringing the “sharp” back. It offers two honing surfaces: a smooth one for weekly honing and a micro-ribbed one for monthly honing - depending on your usage, of course. A built-in angle guide makes it easy to hone your Shun knives with ease and precision. The steel-grey handle looks beautiful with the rest of your knives.
  • Steel Length: 23cm Honing Steel
  • Handle: Steel
  • Overall length: 34.5cm
  • Origin: Crafted in Japan

For directions on how to use your Shun Honing Steel, please go to the Use & Care section and refer to Sharpening & Honing.

Wipe your honing steel with a dry cloth after each use. For a deeper clean, use a wet cloth to remove any debris.